RCW 44 (AKA PN G277.7-03.5)

Planetary Nebula in Vela

 (ra: 09:31.49 / dec 56º 20' 36")





February 2012, Complejo La Aldea in Villa de Merlo

San Luis, Argentina





TYPE: Planetary Nebula

V mag: 17.94

SIZE: 1.8 arc minutes

DISTANCE: 1.2 kpc (*) or (3.9 light years)



RCW 44 (aka  ESO 166−PN 21, Wr 17-31 y PN 277.7–3.5) was studied in detail by a group of Mexicans astronomers of the UNAM. (Mexico National Autonomous University). The used a 4 m telescope in Cerro Tololo to study the object and a 0.9 m telescope to get images. It was determinate a v magnitude of 17.94 and a distance of 1.2 kpc. The authors of the research are Peña, M.; Ruiz, M. T.; Bergeron, P.; Torres-Peimbert, S.; Heathcote, S and it was published by 1997. The RWC catalogue is a collection of very faint Ha emission objects discovered from Australia (*)

More information about this catalogue in the following link  http://adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-bib_query?bibcode=1960MNRAS.121..103R

(*) Source Carlos Feinstein - Observatorio Astronómico de La Plata (UNLP)




SCOPE: Celestron SCT 8" working at f8

MOUNT: Sky Watcher HEQ6

SKY CONDITIONS: Transparency and Seeing regular

CAMERA: QSI 583 WS -10Cº

FILTERS: Baader, Astronomik Ha 6 nm

EXPOSURES: LHaRGB (20,60,20,20,20) RGB binned 2x2

GUIDING: William Optics ZenithStar 66 f6. Starlight Xpress Lodestar Camera. PHD Guiding

PROCESSING: Images Plus (Dark substraction Sigma Median Combination); CCD Sharp; NASA Photoshop Fits Liberator, Photoshop CS